Topics in Matching and Market Design

Economics 40701 -- University of Chicago -- Winter 2012


This course is a reading seminar on current research in the theory of market design. Recent papers will be discussed alongside their classical antecedents. The course will focus almost entirely on papers presenting novel market design problems and techniques. In addition to technical content, class discussion will pay special attention to issues of problem identification and formulation, so as to understand what comprises "interesting" work in market design.

Most papers under consideration will be theoretical, although some empirical/engineering work will be discussed. Topics will include matching with contracts, matching with regional caps, cadet--branch matching, large-scale kidney exchange, random assignment, land assembly, and markets for private data.

This course complements Economics 40603.

For information on Logistics and Requirements:

See the course syllabus (posted October 14, 2011; revised February 25, 2012).

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Assignment Deadlines:

Short Idea Proposals are due on February 11, March 3, and March 17.
Long Idea Proposals are due on March 17.


DateTopicDiscussion Leader(s)
January 6, 2012[Market Design ASSA Meeting Sessions][Follow @skominers for Information]
January 13, 2012Introduction/OverviewScott Duke Kominers [Instructor]
January 20, 2012Matching with Regional CapsXan Vongsathorn
January 27, 2012Cadet--Branch MatchingHanzhe Zhang/Sam Hwang
February 3, 2012Substitutability and the Kelso-Crawford LegacyScott Duke Kominers [Instructor]
February 10, 2012Random Allocation MechanismsHanzhe Zhang/Sam Hwang
February 17, 2012Signaling in Matching MarketsIgnacia Mercadal
February 24, 2012Markets for Private DataNaiqing Gu
February 26, 2012Large-Scale Kidney ExchangeBen Galick
March 2, 2012Financial Intermediation in NetworksItay Fainmesser [Special Guest]
March 5, 2012"Hidden" Market DesignJose Viteri
March 9, 2012Market Design through History
Large Markets
Matt Schiffman
Seth Blumberg