Musicology Research

Research Interests: Musical notation systems, Historical ethnomusicology, Leonard Bernstein

Grants and Fellowships: Research Support from the Harvard University Department of Music (2006)


  • Pied Pipers and Prokofiev: A Musical Ethnography of Children's Literature. (Working paper available upon request.)
  • Textual Expression in Gregorian Chant: A Computer-assisted Study. (Working paper available upon request.)
  • Leonard Bernstein's Doodles: Reading Outside the Lines at the Library of Congress. (Journal of the Society for American Music 3(1), (2009), pp. 26-33. (As an appendix to Leonard Bernstein's Jewish Boston: Cross-Disciplinary Research in the Classroom by Carol J. Oja and Kay Kaufman Shelemay.)) (Originally presented as "Leonard Bernstein's Doodles: Grasping Genius Through Graphology" at Leonard Bernstein, Boston to Broadway: Concerts and Symposia at Harvard University, October 14, 2006.)
  • Leonard Bernstein doodled regularly. (In Bernstein and Boston: A Documentary Scrapbook (ed. Emily Abrams Ansari), (2006).)
  • Book Reviews: