Economics Research

Research Interests: Mathematical economics, Market and mechanism design, Matching theory, Game theory, Innovation, Law and economics, Eminent domain, Patent policy, Agglomeration, Predictive cities, Economics of entry

Affiliations: Harvard Business School (2009-2011, 2014-present), Harvard Department of Economics (2009-2011, 2013-present), Harvard Center of Mathematical Sciences and Applications (2015-present), Harvard Center for Research on Computation and Society (2013-present), National Bureau of Economic Research (2015-present), Harvard Society of Fellows (2013-2017), Harvard Program for Evolutionary Dynamics (2012-2016), Oxford Martin School (2016), Becker Friedman Institute for Research in Economics (2011-2013), Human Capital and Economic Opportunity Working Group (2011-present), Harvard Program for Research in Markets and Organizations (PRIMO) (2011), Harvard EconCS Group (2009-2011), John M. Olin Center for Law, Economics, and Business (2010-2011), Harvard University Department of Economics (2009-2011), Harvard Institute for Quantitative Social Science (2008-2011)

Grants and Fellowships: Star Family Challenge for Promising Scientific Research Grant: "Computer Vision-Automated Surveys for Urban Science and Economic Development" [with E. L. Glaeser, R. Hanna, B. Olken, and N. Naik] (2016-2017), Radcliffe Exploratory Seminar Grant: "Predictive Cities: Leveraging New Data and Methods to Improve Urban Quality of Life" [with E. L. Glaeser, M. Luca, and M. B. Weiss] (2016-2017), NSF Science of Science and Innovation Policy (SciSIP) Grant: "Assessing the Impact of Non-Practicing Entities on U.S. Innovation" [with L. Cohen and U. G. Gurun] (2015-present), NSF Social and Economic Sciences (SES) Grant: "Preferences in Matching Market Design" (2015-present), International Growth Centre Small Projects Grant [with E. L. Glaeser, R. Hanna, B. Olken, and N. Naik] (2015-2016), NSF Interface between Computer Science and Economics & Social Sciences (ICES) Grant: "Understanding the Roles of Intermediaries in Matching Markets" [with E. Budish, A. Hortaçsu, and N. Immorlica] (2012-2016), Oxford Martin School Visiting Fellowship (2016), William F. Milton Fund Grant (2014-2015), AMS-Simons Travel Grant (2011-2014), Human Capital and Economic Opportunity/Institute for New Economic Thinking Research Grant [with J. Garlapati] (2012-2013), Terence M. Considine Fellowship in Law and Economics (2010-2011), Yahoo! Key Scientific Challenges Program Fellowship (2010-2011), NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (2009-2011), Harvard Real Estate Academic Initiative Faculty Grant [with E. G. Weyl] (2009-2011), Harvard Institute for Quantitative Social Science Travel Grant (2010), Danielan Fund Research and Travel Grant (2010), National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate Fellowship (declined, 2009), Harvard Institute for Quantitative Social Science Summer Research Scholars Program Fellowship (2008), Harvard College Program for Research in Science and Engineering Program Assistant Fellowship (2008)

Awards: Kavli Frontiers of Science Fellow (2015), Case Centre Award [Knowledge, Information and Communication Systems Management Category] (2015), Center for Excellence in Education Alumni Award for Outstanding Achievement in STEM and Business (2013), Third Place in Romanian Institute of Science and Technology "Best PhD Thesis in Computational Game Theory" Competition (2011), Yahoo! Key Scientific Challenges Program Selectee (2010), AMS-MAA-SIAM Frank and Brennie Morgan Prize for Outstanding Research in Mathematics by an Undergraduate Student (2010), George Caspar Homans Prize (2009)

Market Design Papers:

Microeconomic Theory Papers:

Urban Economics and Informatics Papers:

Law and Economics Papers:

Collaborators: David Abrams, Mohammad Akbarpour, Micah Altman, Jordan M. Barry, Gary S. Becker, Jörn Boehnke, Eric Budish, Matthew Cary, John P. Cashy, Jiafeng Chen, Andrei Ciupan, Lauren Cohen, Peter A. Coles, Vincent P. Crawford, Aparna Das, David Delacrétaz, Arnaud Dupuy, Umut Dur, Piotr Dworczak, Cynthia Dwork, Benjamin Edelman, Clayton R. Featherstone, Dustin D. French, Drew Fudenberg, William L. Galanter, Alfred Galichon, Jay Garlapati, Ioannis Giotis, Edward L. Glaeser, Satyender Goel, John M. Golden, Umit G. Gurun, Rema Hanna, John William Hatfield, Kurtis Heimerl, César A. Hidalgo, Andrew Hillis, Bala N. Hota, Ali Hortaçsu, John Eric Humphries, Nicole Immorlica, Yuhta Ishii, Kathryn L. Jackson, Sonia Jaffe, Ravi Jagadeesan, Roderick Jones, Erin O. Kaleba, Jonah Kallenbach, Yuichiro Kamada, Louis Kaplow, Anna R. Karlin, William R. Kerr, Abel N. Kho, Robert Kleinberg, Fuhito Kojima, Paul M. Kominers, Harry R. Lewis, Richard Lowery, Michael Luca, Jonathan Ma, Brad A. Malin, Claire Mathieu, David O. Meltzer, Tal Moran, Xiaosheng Mu, Kevin M. Murphy, Nikhil Naik, Alexandru Nichifor, Muriel Niederle, Benjamin Olken, Michael Ostrovsky, Adam R. Pah, Parag A. Pathak, Alexander Peysakhovich, Ramesh Raskar, Ross Rheingans-Yoo, Alvin E. Roth, Guy Rothblum, Mike Ruberry, Michael Schwarz, Shannon A. Sims, Tayfun Sönmez, Jörg L. Spenkuch, Alexander Teytelboym, Jonathan Ullman, Salil Vadhan, Theresa L. Walunas, Franklyn Wang, William Weingarten, Alexander Westkamp, Simon Weber, Mitchell B. Weiss, E. Glen Weyl